niels klein trio

Niels Klein – Tenor-, Sopranosaxophones,
Bassclarinet, Clarinet
Dietmar Fuhr – DoubleBass
Nils Tegen – drums

The NIELS KLEIN TRIO is not a ordinary jazzband, it is an improvising orchestra in its smallest form. The reedplayer Niels Klein has found his personal style in flexibility and at highspeed he is on his way through the history of the saxophone. Influences between Lester Young and Evan Parker, John Coltrane and Warne Marh, Hank Mobley and Ornette Coleman don`t stand against each other, but create a fresh and unique attitude to jazz playing.

The compositions and conceptions of the trio explore different parameters of music history. there are questions made and answered, or not:

"can a saxophone-trio sound like a string quartett?", "what could it sound like, if ben webster played a piece from ligeti?". The traditional jazz-ballad gets reduced to its pure form, song-structures come along with a beautyful twelve-tone-melody, parts are changed back and forth.

What seems to be a difficult task, sounds as easy as it can be, played by these three musicians., while its their speciality to make improvised material sound like it has been composed.

:: first soup (excerpt)

for me this piece is like a rhythmical teamplay. the players have to communicate with each other to explore the elasticity of time in different notatet and improvised ways.

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:: dewey (excerpt)

when i wrote this melody, i had the great tenorplayer dewey redman in mind, and his beautyful singing way of playing melodies. i play this piece on bassclarinet, but i always try to imagine how dewey could have played it.

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:: kanon (excerpt)

this kanon is a 16 bar melody, which is played once and then displaced half a bar.later on 

some harmonies come in, which are built in between those two lines. this track features the pianist florian weber, who develops the kanon idea in his adventurous solo.

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