press reviews

Niels Klein develops thousands of ideas at the same time with an extraordinary flexibility and lightness.

(Jazzpodium 02/06)

It’s astonishing how consequent this trio picks up the avantgarde of the 1960`s. Their energy and will to explore new territories reminds of John Coltrane or Ornette Coleman. Even stronger then these heroes they strive for the interplay inside the ensemble.

(Kölnische Rundschau 12/05)

In addition to its intellectual clarity Niels Kleins lively saxophoneplaying knows how to grow out of spontaneous invention and inspiration.

(Nürnberger Zeitung 02/06)

The musical personality of niels klein is a lucky incident to jazz and improvised music of the present time. He is outstanding from many talents on the scene as a soloist, who found his own personal language early at the beginning of his musical career. His playing is full of a dramatic lightness and he creates colorful and expressive improvisational pictures without any effort.

Ideas burst out of him in every direction but he seems to stay the concentrated master of his instument at any time.

The music of his Niels Klein tentett shows many influences from the history of jazz and contemporary music which Klein balances very clever between composition and improvisation so that borderlines seem to disappear.In his large ensemble he gives freedom to all musicians of the group in to unfold their creative potential in various musical situations: an extremely modern approach!(…)

Laudatio zum Horst u. Gretl Will Stipendium)