niels klein tentett

Niels Klein
tenor-, sopranosaxophones, clarinet, bassclarinet, composition

Oliver Leicht
alto-, sopranosaxophones, clarinet, flute

Steffen Schorn
baritone-, basssaxophones, bassclarinet, bassflute, tubax (contra-, subcontrabasssaxophone)

Stephan Meinberg
trumpet, flugelhorn, pikkolo

Arkady Shilkloper

Mathias Muche
trombone, tuba

Frank Wingold

Wolf Kerschek 
vibraphone, marimba

Dietmar Fuhr

Erik Schäfer

“Compositional strengh with the most possible freedom” was said about Niels Kleins first larger ensemble, the Niels Klein Octet.

With his new Tentet he continues to follow this concept. This ensemble is a band and an orchestra at the same time!

Many influences find their way into the music of Niels Klein. Harmonies and polyphonic techniques inspired by Shostakovich and Ligeti meet grooves which remind of trip-hop groups like Massive Attack.

Dense orchestrations bring the sound of the cool-jazz-orchestras back to life and transport them to the present.

Long throughcomposed textures are contrasted with free improvisation or both is linked so close that the borderlines between composition and improvisation seem to disappear.

The possible instrumentations within the ensemble are rich and colorful and the specific personality of each player and the expression in their playing roots the music to the ground. 

All the musicians he brought to his band are well-profiled soloist with their own personal language and Klein gives them the freedom they need to to unfold their full creative potential.

:: cpo (excerpt)

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:: this time (excerpt)

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:: in the fridge (excerpt)

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:: last soup (excerpt)

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:: field rotations (excerpt)

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